Frida and I



I’ve always considered myself a citizen of the world, but when I came from Spain to Brooklyn in 2011 it was to start a new journey in my life. Throughout this adventure, Frida, my very first camera, has been my constant companion. From day one, she has changed the way I see the world. Our photos are a collection of different moments, lights and feelings. I love to find the beauty in every soul and capture it. In my pictures you will find pieces of me as well – you’ll see I’m wildly passionate about landscaping (due to my background as a landscaper), about the little ones (ever since my daughter was born) and, actually, for any expression of life. For me, my work is always personal.

What can I say? Frida makes me feel alive… Photography is who I am.


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You can know more about me in my resume.





Hey, first of all, thank you so much for taking beautiful pictures. U did a perfect job, you are a talent!! Everything is amazing. I love all of them.

Beside everything I had so much fun spending time with u, ur such a wonderful parson.
See u Monday

You are the best photograper EVER!!! What a perfect job! I’m amazed by your talent.
Thank you so much!

Shira from Israel in Brooklyn NY



Amazing! Finally I have good pic in my life!!!


I didn’t know that pic with me can be good, that’s why I never did it )

These are gorgeous

Way thank you !!!

Alexandra L. from Russia in NYC


Well, tell her that I thought the pictures she took of ya’ll were really great. Not every photographer really gets the picture composition rightwhen having to “shoot from the hip” like that in a live situation.

These photos are all really good!Lindsey and I both think these pictures are fantastic

Good job Maria…Thanks!

FireDean S. from NY in Brooklyn NY(Concert pic)


Hi Maria!

Thanks So Much for taking photos of the band last night!!! I hope you enjoyed the music!
These are Awesome!!!! Thanks So Much!!!!

Von Kraut from NY in in Brooklyn NY(Concert pic)


Me encantaron! Muchisimas gracias 🙂

Haide C. from Mexico in New Jersey NY.


Ahhhhhhhhhh I like itttttttt

You are the best

Ohhhhhhhhh my god

I’m happyyyyyy

I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Gloria L. from Angola in NYC


Hi Maria!
It was great seeing you today and meeting Yare and your boyfriend. I’m
again sorry I interrupted your lunch, I just wasn’t sure where we
would be at 2:30.

Thank you for the amazing photos! I love them and the ones you edited
are great! It looks like you edited many more than 10. Thank you for
this generosity! I know Dave will also enjoy them once he sees them
tonight. They will be wonderful memories for us.

I definitely like the way you used the natural light in the bathroom.
That lighting tends to be my favorite. What you were able to create in
the living room with no natural light is amazing considering how dark
it is. The ones with the Santa hat and the ones with the blue and
white stripes onesie are my favorites. I also like the one of us as a
family especially, but you really did a fabulous job.

I will certainly recommend you! If you have a Facebook or Instagram
page, I can certainly tag you for credit if I happen to post any of
these. Thanks again!
Have a lovely evening!

Lesley Crawford from USA in NYC

“We are very happy with the pictures They are stunning it’s really nice we r very happy. Thanks so much.”

Joel Itzkowitz Family. Brooklyn. NY. 2016.


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